Post-flood bikeway states

Since our previous post the flooding in Brisbane has gone to a whole new level. While many people have lost houses and face a difficult time over the next few months putting their lives back together, for others life is starting to return to normal and many further from the river suffered little or no direct impact at all.

A high proportion of Brisbane’s bikeways run along the river, creeks or other low-lying areas and were totally inundated for days. The water has now receded from most of them but it has left piles of debris, and mud sometimes tens of centimetres deep. In some places structural concerns about either the bikeway itself or nearby structures means that bikeways will be closed for some time to come. In others the bikeway has been totally destroyed.

Needless to say, don’t try to cycle on bikeways that have been closed or appear unsafe to use. The mud is very slippery (particularly if you have narrow tyres), and could be deeper than it looks and contain broken glass or other dangers. Structures can be unsafe in ways that are not apparent to the casual observer.

As bikeways reopen we’ll try to keep you informed. Currently the best way to keep track of the latest information is via our Twitter feed. At this stage information is still sketchy, so you can help by letting us know about the condition of bikeways in your area. Are they open? Closed? Still under water? Completely obliterated?

Here’s a summary of reports thus far:

  • Bicentennial Bikeway: closed. Still under water in parts. Alternate routes via Coronation Drive (now totally open to traffic) or its footpath, UQ & Annerley Road, or Bayliss St, Eagle Tce, Douglas St & McDougall St.
  • Goodwill Bridge: open 6 am to 6 pm only
  • Kurilpa Bridge: open 6 am to 6 pm only
  • Go-Between Bridge: closed
  • Victoria Bridge: open
  • South Bank: closed. Detour via Grey Street.
  • Kurilpa Bridge to Victoria Bridge boardwalk: closed
  • Kangaroo Point boardwalk: closed
  • Floating Riverwalk: destroyed
  • Riverside: closed. Detour via city streets.
  • Botanic gardens: open
  • South-East Freeway: open
  • Western Freeway: open. Some treacherous dried silt under Centenary Bridge and near Sinnamon Road.
  • Eleanor Schonell Bridge: open
  • Kedron Brook: open, but slippery in parts
  • Yeronga bikeway: closed. Still under water near the Corso. Alternate route via roads, or cut across to William Pde.
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