New CBD BUG web site

CBD BUG is proud to present its new web site. We hope you like the look of it, both in terms of it being easier on the eye and easier to find what you’re after. Please make sure you have bookmarked the address as the old web site (hosted at Google Sites) will no longer be updated.

The CBD BUG blog has also moved: the new address is If you subscribe by RSS, you’ll want to update your subscription to All the articles and comments from the old blog (hosted at Blogger aka Blogspot) are still available on the new site, but the old location won’t receive any further updates.

For now the content is essentially the same as on the old site, but the software used to run it allows us to more efficiently maintain it, and we expect that in future it will allow us to update content more easily and in a more timely manner. Expect the shape of the site to continue to evolve. We know there is still a lot of old content on the site that needs updating but, if you have suggestions for improvements or things you’d like to see on the web site, or you find anything broken, as always, please let us know.

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