Another bikeway status update

Council has provided us with an update on the state of flood-affected bikeways.

The map below (click for full sized version) shows the affected inner-city bikeways, along with Council’s suggested alternate routes.

Bikeway map (PDF, 664 kB)

There is also a document (PDF, 68 kB) with tables listing both inner-city and city-wide affected bikeways, again with suggested alternate routes.

Council also provided the following notice:

A number of Brisbane’s bikeways and shared pathways located along the Brisbane River and tributaries are affected by the recent flood event.

Impacts include debris and silt on the pathway, pavement or railing damage and in some cases, sections of the bikeway have been destroyed.

The majority of bikeways affected are in the inner city area between Teneriffe and Toowong and south to Indooroopilly, Oxley and Jindalee. However, other bikeway such as Kedron Brook and Enoggera Creek have also been affected.

Council is undertaking cleaning and repairs to the bikeway network in order to restore services as soon as possible.

Council is:

  • Removing debris and inspecting bikeway safety
  • Closing bike paths that are damaged or likely to experience further flooding, to ensure public safety
  • Restoring commuter pedestrian and cycle access to the CBD and other employment areas
  • Restoring safe access to schools prior to commencement of the new school term and
  • Restoring access to recreational pathways.

Extreme care should be taken using bikeways and shared pathways. Pathways may continue to be subject to periodic inundation or flash floods including debris or minor damage that may cause accidents.

Where bikeways are closed, please do not access or use the bikeway. Closed sections may be subject to ongoing flooding or have major debris or damage. Use of these bikeways or removal of barriers may endanger the community.

Damaged or blocked pathways can be reported to Brisbane City Council via Council’s Contact Centre on 07 3403 8888. This will enable Council’s maintenance teams to be advised and appropriate remedial work or cleaning undertaken.

Council is undertaking regular inspections of all flood affected bikeways. Daily updated information will be provided on the status of effected bikeways and where necessary, suggested alternative cycle routes; this information will be made available by Council’s website

Use of Alternative Pedestrian and Cycle Routes

Where bikeways or shared pathways are closed, pedestrians and cyclists will need to use alternative routes. The following advice is provided to assist pedestrians and cyclists in the current situation:

  • Alternative routes may not be marked or designated as cycle routes or facilities. Consequently, appropriate care should be taken on all roadways, footpaths and shared paths to avoid potential conflict or safety issue.
  • Queensland Road Rules permit cyclists to cycle on footpaths. When cyclists are using footpaths cyclists are required to:
    • Cycle safely
    • Use your bell to advise pedestrian and other users when approaching and
    • Give way to pedestrians
  • When cyclists are on-road, cyclists are required to obey all road rules and police directions. Extreme care is required in high speed and high traffic streets. Inexperienced cyclist should ride to their ability and conditions they feel comfortable with.

Riverwalk – Alternative route notes

The floating section of Riverwalk between New Farm and the Howard Smith Wharves has been extensively damaged with some sections of the walkway washed away. This facility will be closed for a significant period.

Short term alternative pedestrian and cycle routes have been identified along Moray St, Bowen Tce, Ivory Lane, and Boundary St.

Until the City Reach Boardwalk (from Howard Smith Wharves to Botanical Gardens) is fully reopened, cyclists will need to take particular care and give way to pedestrians if they are travelling on the narrow footpath at the corner of Boundary and Adelaide Streets.

Council will be investigating additional route options and reviewing options for the long term replacement of the Riverwalk link.

Update: The information above was prepared yesterday (19 January) but not released until today (20 January). Council reports that the information is still current as of this afternoon, and that it is still hoping to put out daily updates. Additional information provided today states:

The clean up and inspection operations on Council’s Bikeway Network continued today.

Many bikeways and pathways remain temporarily closed or access disrupted due to cleaning or repairs being undertaken.

The king tide on Friday 21 January will see some of the bikeways further affected by water. Cleaning will be required before the bikeways and pathways can be reopened.

The bikeway status and CBD bikeway map published on 19 January remains current.

All cyclists and pedestrians are reminded for their own safety not to access closed bikeways.

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