2011 Annual General Meeting

Thanks to everybody who turned up to the Annual General Meeting today. They might not be as interesting as a regular meeting with a guest speaker, but it’s important to make sure we cover the formalities.

Paul French re-capped some of the achievements and other events of 2010 in his co-convenor’s report, including:

  • continued membership growth,
  • the launch of CityCycle,
  • new bridges and other infrastructure,
  • stronger building requirements for end-of-trip facilities,
  • an improved relationship with Brisbane City Council’s Active Transport Unit (and some positive outcomes as a result of that), and
  • an exemption from Right To Information fees (now being put to good use).

Paul also covered some of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, and thanked members for their contributions.

Our co-convenors from 2010 were re-elected for 2011: Paul French, Ian Lister and Aaron Wray. As always they will need continued help from the wider membership to ensure the BUG achieves as much as it can over the next year. If you’re interested in getting more involved (perhaps by pursuing an issue of particular interest to you, participating in policy development, or helping out with administrative tasks, or anything else you or we might be able to think of) please let us know. Similarly, if you have thoughts on what the BUG’s priorities should be over the next year, or particular issues it should address, please let us know those too. To continue growing as a healthy, open and effective organisation we will always need to have plenty of active members.

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