Designing for Pedestrians and Cyclists course

Are you interested in improving your knowledge of cycling and cycle-friendly infrastructure design? The Department of Transport and Main Roads runs a two day “Designing for Pedestrians and Cyclists” course that teaches people involved in road design the basics of providing for pedestrians and cyclists in road environments. The course covers design principles and technical aspects of the facilities used in Queensland. More detail of the course content is in the course description and programme. Although the course is intended primarily for those working in the field professionally it’s also useful for BUG members who want to understand more about cycle design and be more effectively involved in related cycle advocacy issues.

The course normally costs $600, but the department also provides scholarships in the form of fee waivers to people involved in and sponsored by relevant community organisations, such as CBD BUG. CBD BUG was recently lucky to have co-convenor Ian Lister and member Alex Gagel attend the course, and their new knowledge will be an asset to them and the BUG. If you’re interested in attending the course yourself, send a completed Scholarship Application Form and Short Course Enrolment Form to the co-convenors (preferably electronically, or alternatively by post or at a meeting). The best application(s) will be sponsored by the BUG and submitted to DTMR for its consideration. Both CBD BUG and DTMR will prefer applicants who will be best able to use what they learn to promote cycling and better provision for cyclists.

The next courses to be held in Brisbane are scheduled for 1–2 September and 27–28 October. The courses are held during normal business hours, and of course you will need to be able to attend both the Wednesday and the Thursday.

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