Queensland Children’s Hospital works

As many southside riders would be aware, initial works have commenced as a preliminary to the construction of a new Queensland Children’s Hospital in South Brisbane, between the Mater Hospital and South Bank.The project is expected to take some 4 years to complete, and has the potential to cause problems for cyclists. CBD BUG is involved in close consultation to ensure any effects are minimised, meeting monthly with the Community Liaison Managers.

From next Tuesday, 4 May until late May, 2010 the Stanley Street footpath, adjacent to the construction site, will be temporarily closed for Energex works. Signs will be in place to assist pedestrians and cyclists use the northern footpath.

Whilst this closure will not affect cyclists riding on the bicycle lane(s) on Stanley Street, it will have significant impact on pedestrians as well as the not insignificant number of cyclists who ride in an easterly direction along the footpath in question.

CBD BUG has determined to oppose the project manager’s request to BCC for the indefinite closure of the footpath, and will write to Lord Mayor Campbell Newman advising that the proposal is excessive, unnecessary and will adversely affect too many people to warrant council approval. As an alternative, CBD BUG will be requesting that Council require the developer to construct a covered gantry above the footpath to enable unimpeded access by pedestrians and cyclists.

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