You might have noticed it’s been a bit quiet here on the blog recently. While we do intend to return to more regular updates when we can, there’s now a new way to keep up with what’s going on with the CBD BUG and cycling in Brisbane: Twitter. Twitter has been around for a long time and the BUG has been publishing meeting announcements on it for quite some time also, but in recent months we’ve been making an effort to put more useful bits of information on it.

We think it’s a good way to keep members informed between our regular monthly meetings and e-mails without overwhelming you with frequent e-mails about what are often relatively minor issues. We’ll post details of upcoming meetings, information from letters and meetings with government and other organisations, new and changed detours and closures, and anything else we think might be of interest. If you’d like to hear about something (in particular or in general), or have something that might be of interest to other members, let us know.

If you already use Twitter, you might like to consider following us. If you don’t, you might like some information on it. If you’re not really interested in using Twitter but would still like to get the information we put there, it’s available in the sidebar of our web site (look to the right), or you could try subscribing to the RSS feed. If none of those ideas does much for you, let us know of any better suggestions you might have.

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