CBD to become 40 km/h from 14 April

Brisbane City Council has informed us that the proposal to reduce the CBD speed limit to 40 km/h has been approved, and will take effect in two weeks, immediately after the Easter long weekend. The affected area is shown on the map in this letter.

A reduced speed limit in the CBD is something that CBD BUG has been seeking for some time, and we are overjoyed that it is now about to become a reality. We are confident this will help make the CBD a safer place for cyclists, and it is definitely a step in the right direction by BCC. In the future we hope it might be extended to include Ann St and Turbot St (important connecting streets but to remain at 60 km/h for now), to cover other areas, and ideally to be further reduced to 30 km/h.

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One Response to CBD to become 40 km/h from 14 April

  1. Hawk says:

    Excellent work on getting this through. Need to get some more bicycle awareness zone road markings in the CBD tho…

    Also I hope the police are going to get tough on the “stupid cyclists” that are out there and start smashing them till they learn to pull their heads in………

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