2009 Qld State Election

At this time The Greens are way ahead of both Labor and the LNP in terms of cycling-friendly election commitments. The Greens transport policy agenda is available at http://qld.greens.org.au/election/policy/transport/transport-policy.

Following are the 6 specific measures they list at this page that are directly related to fostering increased levels of cycling Queensland.

  1. Create bike lane and bikeway networks to connect communities to their local train stations, bus interchanges and shopping centres. Provide adequate and safe facilities for bicycle, scooter and motorcycle storage at these locations.
  2. Allocate a minimum of 5% of transport infrastructure funding for the provision and maintenance of cycling facilities in order to meet the usage goals in the Queensland Government’s cycling plan.
  3. Legislate to ensure that all new state road projects and upgrades conform with the Department of Main Roads’ Cycling on State Controlled Roads policy.
  4. Develop abandoned railway corridors as “rail trails” for cycling tourism.
  5. Establish an auditing process to ensure all existing cycling facilities (both on and off-road) meet the needs and expectations of cyclists.
  6. Establish a $100 million Regional Queensland Cycling Fund to facilitate the construction of cycling infrastructure in regional towns, pursuant to the adoption of cycling policies in line with the Department of Main Roads’ Cycling on State Controlled Roads policy.

In contrast, and despite the fact that traffic congestion is a major inhibitor of SEQ’s continuing economic prosperity, the transport policies of both Labor and the LNP have completely overlooked cycling’s ability to reduce this region’s over-dependence on private motor cars for transport. What little detail had been provided so far overwhelmingly focuses on the improving infrastructure for motorists. This is particularly disappointing when promises have been made for all sorts of economically questionable purposes e.g. sporting stadium upgrades (Labor) and trial bike riding centres (LNP).

What you can do: CBD BUG members are urged to contact their local candidates and express they desire to see cycling on the transport agenda as an active and sustainable means of addressing the SEQ region’s transport, environmental and health problems.

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