Queensland Bike Week 2008 & CBD BUG

Hi there, reader.

Ride to Work Day 2008

Tomorrow (Wednesday, 2 April 2008) is Brisbane’s Ride to Work Day.

CBD BUG convenors and members will be at the CBD BUG stall, so come say “Hello!” and catch up.

Or, drop a comment or two on us, telling us about RtWD from your perspective.

The BoM website tells us that tomorrow is looking like a fine day for cycling in Brisbane.

Member Survey 2008

If you haven’t been to our website recently, you’ve probably not seen the 2008 Membership survey.

Remember when you joined up? You filled in a survey asking about the state of end-of-trip facilities, problems with your route and a few other things. We figured it was time to update our information and see how things have (or haven’t) changed.

We’re looking for a better idea of what’s out there for cyclists and where we need to do some work to address problems and get facilities provided.

So, go to the www.cbdbug.org.au and follow the link to our survey form – it’ll only take 2 or 3 minutes and will help us help you.

CBD BUG Discussion List

We know how it is: You’re busy, you’ve got things to do and you just can’t get to our monthly meeting, no matter how much you want to come and give us feedback and help move the discussion along.

Well, now you can contribute and discuss problems with the convenors and other members via our new Google Groups discussion group: http://groups.google.com.au/group/cbdbug

There’s an easy two-step process to subscribing from our website and you don’t even need a Google Account to participate. Simply enter the email address you’d like to receive and send messages from, hit the ‘subscribe’ button. Then, wait for the confirmation email message and click the link. Done. You can send and receive messages. Easy.

If it gets too busy for you, unsubscribing is also very easy.

Of course, if you have a Google Account you’ll also be able to visit the archives and the discussion group’s site.

We don’t make the membership list of this group public, so if that’s a concern for you, you can relax. Only the list managers (the CBD BUG convenors) will be able to see who’s subscribed.

CBD BUG Announcements List

In the near future we’ll be making life easier for Paul F: Instead of wrestling the current email interface into submission every month for meeting announcements, we’re moving to a Google Groups-based announcements list.

We’re aiming at getting an announcement out about once a fortnight, to let everyone know what’s happening, what we’re working on, what we need help with. Like the current system, this will be a very low traffic list that only CBD BUG convenors will be able to post to this list. Also, like the current membership list, the subscriber list will only be available to the convenors, and will not be made public.

Look for an email saying you’ve been subscribed to CBD BUG Announcements in the next few weeks.

If you no longer want to receive announcements from CBD BUG, unsubscribing is easy – there’ll be more information about how to get off the list in the notification email.


I’ve already mentioned this, but if you missed it. If you know Twitter (www.twitter.com) then you know it’s a micro-blogging service, letting you subscribe (follow) to people’s blogs and get updates sent directly to your mobile phone via SMS (For free! Free! (No, I don’t know where their money comes from, but it comes from somewhere that’s not people following us.))

CBD BUG now has a Twitter channel you can follow, and get meeting reminders and route disruption/change notifications sent to your phone. Go to www.twitter.com/cbdbug if you’re interested.

Website updates

There’s new stuff to Translink on the Correspondence page, and updates to NSBT page, too. Go look!

I’ll see you on the road,


[Edit - Slight calendar malfunction: Tomorrow is the 2nd, not the 3rd. If you turn up on the 3rd, we won't be there and you'll need to catch a pigeon for breakfast. If you turn up on the 2nd, there'll be buns and sausages provided by BQ. Pigeon catching is optional, of course.]

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