Notice of April 2008 BUG meeting and other news

Hello CBD BUG members

Following at the end of this email is the draft agenda for the forthcoming CBD BUG General Meeting, scheduled for 12.30 pm on Wednesday 30 April 2008.

It is hoped members have an interest in hearing from the two guest speakers lined up to talk at this meeting about some exciting developments for cyclists – the Tank Street Bridge and the King George Square Cycle Centre.

There will also be discussion regarding the protest ride along Bowen Bridge Road Herston currently planned for 4.30 pm on Friday 9 May 2008.  this ride is intended to highlight the dangers to cyclists from the multiple uncoordinated closures and inadequate bikeway detours, particularly on Brisbane's north side.

The National Trust of Queensland (NTQ) has requested the support of members in saying no to North Bank.

CBD BUG provided comment on the original draft development plan, but this does not appear to have been taken into consideration in the revised plan.

Construction on the massive North Bank Development will affect the bikeway under the riverside expressway as well as CBD vehicle traffic for many years.

Once built it will attract an estimated 5,000 extra cars daily into that section of the city.

NTQ has an petition against the proposal which can be accessed via at

To view the revised North Bank development proposal go to:

To read UQ Professor in Architecture Peter Skinner's thought provoking article "The Premier who mistook a river for a vacant lot" go to:


Paul French
CBD BUG Co-convenor
23 April 2008

CBD BUG General Meeting

Draft Agenda

12.30 pm – Wednesday 30 April 2008

         Community Meeting Room

Ground Floor, Brisbane Square Library

1.                  Guest speakers:
1.1             Tank Street Bridge Project – Glenn Bourner (Resource Coordination Partnership)
1.2             King George Square Cycle Centre – Meg Northcott (BCC Active Transport Unit)

2.                  Attendance/apologies

3.                  Minutes of previous meeting & action items

4.                  Announcements/correspondence

5.                  Reports/updates

*       BCC ATU – issues other than KGS (Meg Northcott)
*       BQ (Andrew Demack)
*       9 May 2008 protest ride re northside footpath closures and bikeway detours (Aaron Wray / John Lister)
*       Outcome of meeting with BCC ATU (Leslie Martin/Paul French)
*       2 April 2008 Ride to Work Day BUG stall (Paul French)

6.                  Other business

7.                  Next meeting – Wednesday 28 May 2008


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