2008 BCC Elections & Cycling Issues – Greens Party Response

edit: The following was received in response to the CBD BUG letter to the mayoral candidates.

Dear Paul,

I was delighted to hear from you. For over 15 years my usual way of
travelling to work has been by bus, train or bike.

In fact when the Greens launched their campaign for city hall on 20
January 2008 most of us cycled or caught the bus or train in. This was in
contrast to the later Liberal launch where the 26 candidates arrived in
26 cars. I even cycled to the Electoral commission for the draw of
spots on the ballot paper on Tuesday- it was the quickest way to get
from Highgate Hill to the City

Recently on 10 February 2008 the Greens released our cycling policy the
key element of which is spending $40 million pa and tripling the
Brisbane cycling network by 2015. A copy is attached.

We certainly support a lower speed limit in the city which would benefit
both cyclists and pedestrians. I also agree that we need EOT facilties
included in new buildings and incentives to retrofit them in other

I am keen to let the cycling community know about the Green’s strong
support for cycling infrastructure improvements. Please can you advise
any other BUGs contact details so I can pass on some information.

Many thanks

Jo Bragg

Jo Bragg (Ms)
Greens’ Lord Mayoral Candidate for Brisbane
Contact: 0406 916 657

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2 Responses to 2008 BCC Elections & Cycling Issues – Greens Party Response

  1. Tristan Peach says:

    Links to Green cycling policies:

    Full cycling policy

    Improvements for the CBD and surrounds

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