April Meeting Announcement

April meeting announcement from Paul:

(slight edits to create links to documents on our website)

Hi folks,

The next regular meeting of the CBD BUG will be this Wednesday, 18 April, at 12.30 pm in the Brisbane Square Community Meeting Room, on the ground floor of the new BCC administration building. The proposed agenda is [on the website], and the range of issues affecting CBD cyclists continues to be extensive. (The meeting room is on the ground floor, near the escalators, and entry is from the Treasury Casino side of Brisbane Square.) Bill Loveday, BQ President, will be a guest speaker addressing the issue of BQ – CBD BUG interactions and relationship.

1. Minutes of previous meeting

The minutes of the last meeting (held on Wednesday 21 March 2007) are attached for information (and are also available at our website – http://www.cbdbug.org.au/minutes/ ).

2. CBD BUG t-shirts

The first batch of CBD BUG t-shirts (more) has sold very quickly and is nearly all gone. In order to avoid disappointment anyone who is yet to purchase their shirt should contact Paul French via 0423 974 825 or on sfpf@optusnet.com.au . The price is $14.30 (incl GST).

3. Bikeway closures

CBD BUG continues to have on-going interaction with the NSBT Joint Venture in regard to effects upon cyclists during construction on both the southside and northside. Updates will be available at Wednesday’s meeting.
We were pleased to receive advice that the Energex-related closure of the SEF Bikeway has finally come to an end – after many weeks of additional closure, the final delay arising from Main Roads requiring the contarctor to ‘make good’ damage to the bikeway imposed during the contractor’s work.
And finally, we are advised that on April 20 and 21, filming of a football game will be occurring in Davies Park, West End. For this filming to occur, cables will have to be laid across the bikeway from the rowing sheds to the football field. The cables will be laid underneath the existing lighting and there will be signage warning cyclists of the cables. There will be a cover over the cables, cyclists are advised to slow down while crossing this cover.

4. Homeless Connect

CBD BUG has received the following request for assistance from cyclists, which is forwarded to all for consideration.

My name is Sharyn and I am working for Brisbane City Council on a project called Homeless Connect. Homeless connect is an initiative that brings homeless people into Brisbane City Hall to provide them with a one-stop-shop of services. The aim is to find sustainable solutions for homelessness.

The event was first held in Brisbane in November 2006, where it was identified that many homeless people have bikes as their primary source of travel.

We are hoping to provide a service on the event day of June 7th 2007, to service the bikes of the guests who attend. For this June date, we are seeking community-minded bike mechanics who would be keen to donate their time to this worthy cause.

There is also the goal of ultimately providing bikes to homeless people, perhaps from bikes that have been donated, and serviced. The event is being held twice yearly, with this being a longer-term goal perhaps for our November event.

Further information on Homeless Connect and volunteering can be found from the websites below.


I would very much appreciate any assistance or direction you could provide in these endeavours. Thank you for your time in considering this, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours truly,
Sharyn Holden
Community Development Officer
GPO Box 1434
Brisbane Q 4001

Ph. (340) 34072
Mob: 0405 358 503
Fax. (340) 36834
Email Sharyn.Holden@brisbane.qld.gov.au


Hope to see many of you at the meeting on Wednesday. Apologies, and any further items for the agenda, can be advised to me on this email address or via cbdbug@yahoo.com.au.


Paul Murdoch
Co-convenor, CBD BUG
Paul.Murdoch@dva.gov.au or cbdbug@yahoo.com

See you Wednesday,


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