CBD BUG Website Update

CBD BUG has made a submission regarding the proposed Northbank development.

A copy of the submission can be found on our website – comments and feedback via the comments or email are welcome.



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One Response to CBD BUG Website Update

  1. Pablo says:

    Well the bikeway has been roepened finally a few days late, but open! I rode on it today and felt so less stressed not having to compete with the cars. I might add another note about the NSBT detour the last part of bikeway between Reis St and O’Keefe St has been blocked off at various times during the day. I encourage you all to approach the traffic controllers and voice your disgust but be polite about the way you go about it.. and contact RiverCity Motorway’s toll free number. Otherwise stay silent, brave Ipswitch Road and watch the looks on the car drivers’ faces.Adrian W

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