Latest Eastern Busway plans

Translink today released the lastest plans for the Eastern Busway on their website. The release of the latest proposed alignment has been posted here.

Translink talk about improvements for cyclists in the plans, however there isn’t very much to go by at the moment. One particular point to note though is the possible disruption to the South-East Bikeway, both during construction and permanently once the connection of the new busway to the existing South-East Busway at Buranda is constructed. According to the plans, Translink would like to build the PA Hospital to Buranda South-East Busway connection by 2009 and construct it in conjunction with the NSBT southern portal.

It seems inevitable that the current bikeways will be disrupted. Be sure to contact Translink and voice your opinion. Hopefully out of all of this we will see not only improved bike links along the Eastern Busway, but also the Boggo Road Bikeway.

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