February Meeting Announcement

Hi folks,

The next regular meeting of the CBD BUG will be on Wednesday 21 February 2007, at 12.30 pm in the Brisbane Square Community Meeting Room – (Ground Floor, between escalators) – 266 George Street). There is an information desk near the meeting room. A draft agenda, further notice for the meeting and the minutes from the January meeting will be circulated closer to the meeting. Mark your dairies now…..

1. Walk for sustainable transport – Saturday February 17

A walk in support of all sustainable transport modes has been organised by a range of community organisations, aimed at sending and reinforcing the message to government and political parties generally that cycling, walking and public transport must be prioritised and improved now. The event will commence at 11.00 am in Queens Park (corner of George and Elizabeth Streets) on Saturday February 17, and a flyer publicising the event is attached. Please distribute widely, and come along to support this important message. I’m sure the organisers will not discourage those of us who want to cycle rather than walk…..

2. Public Transport Users Group

In a related development, the CBD BUG received an email advising of an attempt to establish a new public transport lobby group, to fill the vacuum in SEQ. The flyer sent to us is attached..

3. Changing gear – Queensland Conservation’s Sustainable Transport initiative

An email from the QCC, with a link to the first issue of a newsletter produced as part of their sustainable transport initiative is attached. CBD BUG is actively involved in this initiative, and looks forward to bigger and better campaigns from an ever-widening coalition of like-minded groups leading to improvements for cyclists throughout Brisbane.

4. Bike week – will be held between March 10-18 in 2007. BQ are seeking assistance, as follows:
Ride leaders for Ride To Work Day
Many of our ride locations are covered by bike shops, but we can always do with more than one leader from each location, as that allows for a “tailgunner” as well as a leader. See our current Ride to Work starting locations here: http://www.bq.org.au/bike-week/ride2work.shtml

Marshals for the Great Brisbane Bike Ride.
If interested in assisting, please contact Andrew Demack (Bike Week co-ordinator) at BQ on bqevent@bq.org.au

5. Vale – Bruce MacGregor

With sadness I have to report that Bruce MacGregor, a long-standing and active member of the CBD BUG since its establishment in 2005, passed away on Thursday February 1, after suffering a severe heart attack whilst cycling the previous Saturday. Although Bruce had no signs or symptoms and was only 53, he apparently had a 70% blockage in the major artery that supplies blood to the heart. For some reason, whilst out riding this blockage closed further and stopped the blood to the heart causing a heart attack. His heart was restarted and he was rushed to the Royal Brisbane Hospital where he underwent surgery. In the end his heart and lungs were working OK but he suffered a hypoxic brain injury due to the time his brain was without oxygen and never regained consciousness. He died 5 days later.

Bruce was a strong supporter of CBD BUG, attending meetings, emailing a wide range of cyclists about problems and with advice. Bruce made many friends through these activities, and worked and argued consistently with these friends and groups to advance conditions and facilities for cycling and cyclists, Brisbane and the environment generally.

The funeral for Bruce will be held on Monday, 12 February at 1pm at Centenary Memorial Gardens (Wacol Station Rd, Sumner). Bruce will be greatly missed – RIP. Our condolences have been sent to Bruce’s family..

6. Toowong Bus Depot

CBD BUG has received reports that commuting cyclists travelling past Toowong Bus Depot at the end of the Western Freeway have been repeatedly booked by police officers – sightings reported on Wednesday Feb 7 and Thursday Feb 8 2007. We are advised that the bus lane is a more direct route used by 90% of cyclist in preference of riding through the carpark, but it would appear illegally. We would assume that the exclusion of cyclists is in accordance with the Traffic Operations (Road Use Management – Road Rules) Regulation 1999 – perhaps a member who uses that route might care to clarify this?

Paul Murdoch
Co-convenor, CBD BUG

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