Energex: Please explain

As part of their project to lay cables underground, Energex and their City Grid unit have been implementing various detours of bikeways. The most current detour is the closure of part of the South-East Bikeway starting at Lower River Terrace, which will currently be in place until March 9. Knowing Energex though, it could last a couple of years!

I have spoken to a couple of traffic controllers, most who have been fairly helpful. I was told to ring the City Grid phone number 1300 762 213. I rang this number, spoke to a woman who put me on hold and then told me to ring the City Grid phone number… 1300 762 213!! Please explain!!! Energex were giving me the finger or the phone forwarded through to another department. Either way there is some explanation needed.

This is the phone number advertised on the detour signs… little white things resembling building permits and easily neglected by cyclists. I remember first seeing them around mid-December. While I think cyclists can learn to tolerate this current detour, Energex need to be more aware that cyclists need to be better consulted. Better signage of the detour could also be provided when coming from South Bank.

Feel free to comment on this issue and provide some opinions.

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