Green Bridge bikeway exit to UQ

I’ve seen a few posts by Michael Yeates about the bikeway bit of the Green Bridge. Now I’ve ridden the Bridge a few times myself and have to agree that the link to the ground network seems to be designed to cause accidents, especially when a bunch of students is rushing to a class, and when riders leaving UQ are attempting to access the bikeway, congestion will be the result even if accidents are avoided.

Why is it that when highway and traffic engineers get together to design a road for cars they focus unerringly on flow – with their fancy simulation software demonstrating how to keep things flowing – while when they design for bikes they design to avoid flow at all cost. Do they resent the possibility that drivers of cars might be tempted to leave the car at home? Do they think cyclists are like their 5year old children with their training wheel bikes? Or are they simply quite stupid? I tend toward the last theory.

Fear of rampaging cyclists running havoc on pedestrians is misplaced because the pedestrian side of the bridge is far from the bike exit. Peds should not be at the bike exit.

We will have to begin a campaign to have the exit replaced with a simple exit straight to the road and a circular ramp back to McGregor Drive for those who want to ride north. As many of our members will be using this route to commute and for training, we have an interest in this issue.

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