Urgent Notice: Night works on Goodwill Bridge

CBD BUG received the following email from Mostia Constructions:


Mostia Constructions Pty Ltd wishes to advise that there are night works scheduled to commence on the Goodwill Bridge on Monday 6 November 2006 and Tuesday 7 November 2006 from 9pm onwards as part of the Energex City Grid Upgrade Porject.

There will be traffic control officers in place on both evenings to manage both bicycle and pedestrian traffic.

From Wednesday onwards for a period of approximately 5 weeks there will be a LOW CLEARANCE Hoarding in place at the northern end of the Goodwill Bridge.

This hoarding has a height clearance of 2.1m and cyclists are strongly urged to dismount and walk underneath the hoarding which will span approximately 5 – 7 metres.

There will be signage and lighting in place at both ends of the hoarding.

Please advise all of your members of these upcoming changes so we may minimise the impact as much as possible and avoid accidents.



[contact details snipped - Ed]

Needless to say, we are less than impressed by the amount of notice and what they expect from cyclists on one of Brisbane’s busiest commuter routes.

Paul replied:


I note your advice of the night works on the Goodwill Bridge on 6 & 7 November, and will convey your advice to our members. The lack of notice is regrettable, particularly as at no stage in past dealings with Energex has the possibility of the Goodwill Bridge being affected been raised.

Your advice that for a five week period cyclists will be expected to dismount is unacceptable. We demand that the height clearance of the proposed hoarding be increased to a height which does not impact upon cyclists and require dismounting. Further signage and lighting must not impede cyclists using the bridge.

I would appreciate your advice as a matter of urgency as to who in Main Roads authorised such impacts upon the Goodwill Bridge and your issuing this advice.


Paul Murdoch
Co-convenor, CBD BUG

So, we’re not happy right now, and working towards something that’s acceptabe.

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