Closure of North Quay Bikeway

Due to the on-going closure of the Ann St On-ramp to the Riverside Expressway (for lots of newspaper chatter, see Google News) a section of the bikeway along North Quay as also been closed to all cyclist and pedestrian traffic.

The section that’s closed seems to be from the North Quay access ramp to the Victoria Bridge access ramp, so cyclists heading west from QUT will probably be directed up to and along George St and thence to the western Ann St footpath, and down to the North Quay ramp and the bikeway.

Cyclists heading east between these two points may have a hard time: George St is one-way heading west, so you’d have to mingle with the crowds on the footpath until Adelaide St (one block).

This is based only on what I overheard the traffic controllers say to another cyclist heading to QUT, so the actual situation may be quite different.

Ann St goes down to two lanes at the Council building, both turning right into George St – if that’s your route to the bikeway, beware that heading straight ahead at the pedestrian crossing will be across two lanes of turning traffic. It might be an idea to keep to the far left (Watch for buses and various road-rage nutters) – keeps you out of the turning fun.

CBD BUG will seek a meeting with BCC, probably the ATU, as soon as possible, asking for what their plans are for cycling amenity while this traffic silliness continues.

Updates when I know more.

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