Announcements & Next Meeting: October

From Paul:

Hi folks,

The next meeting of the CBD BUG will be on Wednesday 25 October, at 12.30 pm in the BCC Central Library Theatrette. A notice and agenda will be circulated later this week, together with the minutes of the September meeting. Speakers from Leighton Contractors and Baulderstone Hornibrook Bilfinger Berger Joint Venture (the contractors) have been invited, and will address the effects upon cyclists during construction of the NSBT, proposed measures to address such effects and anticipated changes to cycling facilities post-construction. There will also be an opportunity for questions – so mark your diaries now.

1. Riverside Expressway bikeway closure

As we are all well aware, traffic in central Brisbane is in choas following the closure of several access ramps and part of the Riverside Expressway as a consequence of the discovery of several cracks. Whilst many see this as yet a further opportunity to publicise the benefits of cycling, the associated closure of parts of the adjacent bikepath (and lack of information regarding alternative arrangements is a concern). CBD BUG sought an urgent briefing and information from Brisbane City Council this morning, and received the following advice:

“As you can appreciate, events have moved very rapidly indeed on this issue. Due to the urgency of this issue, we have already undertaken an assessment of the required detour, and have provided advice to enact a detour and signage plan as part of this. In essence, the detour will see cyclists coming off the riverside bikeway up onto street level via the ramp near the Victoria bridge, riding along the footpath and crossing onto Adelaide St. Turning left onto George St footpath and continuing to Ann St where they can ride down the footpath or closed section of road and access the bikeway via the ramp access opposite the Mecure.

We are still negotiating with the State as to what happens with the traffic controllers and Police on-site. We would prefer them to stay. We tried for a more direct route using North Quay but were advised by Police and Main Roads this was not possible as there is no way to avoid the on-ramp flyover.

Both ramps have bicycle lantern crossings. Detour signage will be erected. There will be no changes to light phasings.

At this stage we are not sure how long these measures will remain in place but we expect them to be at least for the rest of the week and weekend. We will review the situation when we know how long this detour will be in place. If it looks like this is going to go on, we will review the situation with yourselves and BQ.

I agree that encouraging use of active modes is important and will try to spread the word on this, however it is largely in the hands of the State.”

We will continue to liaise and interact with Council on this issue. If you have any relevant info, experiences or views, please email us. In the meantime, beware of road rage.

2. Meeting with Knight Frank Property Management

Following receipt of a complaint from a member regarding a circular issued by Knight Frank (the property managers of 80 Albert Street), advising that bicycle parking facilities would not be provided in the building due to ‘risks, insurance and risk management’ (!), CBD BUG has written to Knight Frank objecting and seeking to meet. A meeting is likely to take place later this week. If you work in a building managed by Knight Frank, and the bicycle parking or associated cyclist facilities are deficient, please let us know as soon as possible. Copies of the circular, and the CBD BUG letter are attached for information.

3. Hale Street Link Project

The CBD BUG lodged its submission on this issue last week, which is attached for information. Many thanks to Peter Whittle for his efforts in preparing the submission.

4. Annerley Road bike lanes

As previously advised, CBD BUG was very pleased to hear that funding to install bike lanes on Annerley Road (and Gladstone Road) to link with the Green Bridge had been found, and wrote to both Lord Mayor Campbell Newman and Councillor Helen Abrahams to congratulate them on teh decision. CBD BUG has now been provided with the detailed drawings for the bikelanes to be installed on Annerley Road between Stanley Street and Gladstone Road, and is in the process of anlaysing them and seeking clarification on several aspects. If you would like copies of the drawings or provide input into any CBD BUG response, please let us know .

See you on the 25th.
Paul Murdoch

Copies of the attachments will be available on our website.

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