Brisbane City Centre Master Plan

The Brisbane City Council has released the Brisbane City Centre Master Plan (find a copy here:

I’ve gone through and located just about everything that mentions cycling and cyclists in section B, the Action Plan:

Part B: Major Initiatives and Demonstration Projects

Intergrated Transport Network

3 (d): advocate for enhanced integration between train services and cyclists, for example through provision of a dedicated carriage for bikes on train services

4 (h): Continue to provide for bicycles on buses and expand these opportunities

City Heart

2 (b): Establish a cycle centre (large public bike parking facility and end-of-trip service centre) near King George Square

3 (a): Include and on-road bike lane along the entire length of both sides of Adelaide Street

Roma Street

2 (a): Support the State Government initiative of a new pedestrian and cycle bridge from Tank Street to Millennium Arts

2 (b): Ensure good direct connections into the CBD from this bridge as well as to the Bicentennial Bikeway and Riverwalk

Western Gateway

3 (a): Landscape and enhance pedestrian and cycle access across William Jolly Bridge.

Northern Gateway

1 (a): Ensure proposals to create a gateway feature at Centenary Park, with associated transport initiatives, improve accessibility and pedestrian and cyclist safety and amenity between the CBD and Fortitude Valley.

Edward and Queen Streets

1 (b): Provide a contra-flow bike lane along the full length of Edward Street to Kangaroo Point.

2 (a): Support the construction of a new pedestrian and cycle bridge from Edward Street to Kangaroo Point.

2 (b): Ensure good direct connections into the CBD from this bridge as well as to the Bicentennial Bikeway and Riverwalk

Albert and Alice Streets

2 (a): Reorganise the Alice Street traffic network to: [among other points] include an off-road path and cyclists along Alice Street, connecting with Riverwalk at either end, so cyclists are seperated from vehicles; incorporate on-street bike parking on Alice Street near the Albert Street intersection.

North Bank

1 (e): Promote strong pedestrian and cycle links through the North Bank development, linking and enhancing existing networks. For example, enhance the quality and extent of the Bicentennial Bikeway and Riverwalk by extending it between Victoria Birdge and QUT by removing public car parking.

1 (g): Investigate demand for secure bike parking (i.e. cage) near the Elizabeth and William Street intersection.

Strategy Initiatives

2 – Cyclists

(a) Redesign intersections to improve convenience, safety and connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists

Priority intersections include:
• William and Queen Streets, and North Quay and Victoria Bridge
• North Quay and Skew Street, and William Jolly Bridge.

(b) Ensure there are appropriate and convenient connections between the Bicentennial Bikeway and Riverwalk and the CBD. Specific connections include:
• Eagle and Margaret Streets
• existing Victoria, William Jolly and Story Bridges (including steep Ivory Lane gradient)
• Roma Street Parklands to Kelvin Grove
• future Hale Street Bridge.

(c) Provide a safe and convenient cycle network for movement within the city centre. These initiatives are largely incorporated within each demonstration project. An additional component would include a cycle lane along both sides of George Street if it becomes a two–way trafic street

(d) Enhance the quality and extent of the Bicentennial Bikeway and Riverwalk by ensuring future work provide uniform paving surface markings and a minimum width of four metres.

(e) Continue to promote and provide readily available information for cyclists e.g. BCC publications or website, about cycle routes and facilities.

(f) Undertake education programs for both cyclists and pedestrians about the safe use of shared bike and pedestrian paths. However, continue a works program to separate pedestrians and cyclists where safety concerns are unlikely to otherwise be resolved.

Public Domain Strategy

2(a) Connect major community destinations with active and green links that support pedestrians, cyclists and public transport.

Critical links are from the:
• Botanic Gardens to Roma Street Parklands
• Queen Street Mall, north to Eagle Street and the river, and to South Brisbane
• Roma Street Parklands to both the western and northern suburbs.

Neighbourhood Plan Initiatives


a) Ensure development proposals incorporate the full
range of end–of–journey facilities including showers
and lockers (commercial and retail space) and bike
storage (residential) at a rate that meets users needs.

Make of all of that what you will. :)

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