August Meeting Agenda

Afternoon all,

The next CBD BUG meeting will be held at 12.30 pm this coming Wednesday, 30 August 2006. The details, and proposed agenda, are as follows:

Date: Wednesday August 30 2006

Venue: BCC Central Library Theatrette (Cnr Adelaide & George St, downstairs)

Time: 12.30 – 2.00pm

All are invited and encouraged to come along and contribute further to our discussions about ways to improve cycling, cyclist facilities, accessibility and safety in the Brisbane CBD.

Agenda items proposed for this meeting include:

  1. Attendance/apologies
  2. NSBT (North-South Bypass Tunnel) affects upon cyclists/cycling
    1. closure of SE bikeway (Paul French/John Nightingale/Leslie Martin);
    2. O’Connell Street etc closures (Aaron Wray)
  3. Announcements/correspondence
    1. other closures/detours (Scott Evans);
    2. access problems arising from INB construction (Paul Murdoch);
    3. correspondence (Paul Murdoch).
  4. Minutes of previous meeting & matters arising:
    1. BikeBus proposal (Peter Berkeley);
    2. CBD BUG website (Seb Tauchmann);
    3. interest in co-ordinating issues for/representing CBD BUG on consultative committees (Paul Murdoch);
    4. contacting Translink (busways) re meeting over cycle facilities etc.
  5. BQ – CBD BUG interaction/relationship (Peter Whittle);
  6. Other items;
  7. Next meeting (date to be advised – 27 September ?).

SE bikeway closure

More detail on this proposed closure will be available at Wednesday’s meeting. In the interim, send any queries or comments to Paul French, John Nightingale or Leslie Martin.

Hope to see as many of you at the meeting as possible! If you can’t make this meeting, but wish to record your apology, raise issues or make suggestions, please email us on


Paul Murdoch on behalf of the CBD BUG coordinating group

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