Alert: North-South By-pass Tunnel

Notice to Cyclists

Detour of Southeast Bikeway during North-South Bypass Tunnel Construction

Due to the construction of the North-South Bypass Tunnel (NSBT) cyclists will be detoured off the Southeast Bikeway for up to 3 years. This detour is expected to occur before Christmas.

Advice to the Central Business District Bicycle User Group (CBD BUG) from the NSBT construction consortium is that the SE Freeway has to move to the west, and the bikeway is in the way. There are no plans to provide a temporary bikeway, so cyclists will be forced on to the roads.

The detour currently proposed by the construction consortium means cyclists will be off the bikeway between O’Keefe and Peterson Streets, a detour the CBD BUG regards as dangerous. The CDB BUG is seeking to negotiate with the NSBT construction consortium about the nature of the detour in order to make it less risky for cyclists.

Other issues the CDB BUG is pursuing include ensuring the replacement of the bikeway bridge that currently crosses Ipswich Road, and that the new section of bikeway is at least is good, if not better, than the current one.

The CDB BUG is interested in your opinion on this matter. To have your say, or to just obtain additional information contact CDB BUG via email.

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