A Couple of Notes following the May meeting

Paul Murdoch sent the following email on Friday, May 19th:

Hi folks,

A couple of quick announcements, following this week’s BUG meeting.

1. Bicentennial Bikeway closure

It appears that the bicentennial bikeway will again be temporarily closed, with diversions to be put in place again, to enable Energex to complete its cabling upgrade to be completed (I understand it is work associated with stringing cables on the underside of the Captain Cook bridge. It was initially reported to Wednesday’s meeting that the closure would be for 3-4 days, but it now appears that this period may be of a longer duration. Discussions between BCC and Energex have been held, and Energex have committed to consult with CBD BUG regarding the date, timeframe and detours proposed for the duration. We will keep you informed.

Notice about the Ride of Silence deleted, since Seb The Slack Bike Blogger is posting this after the event. See Ride of Silence website for more info.

3. EaST BUG AGM – Saturday May 27

Those of who who reside in the eastern suburbs may be interested in our sibling EaST BUG’s inaugural Annual General Meeting – a flyer is attached.

4. Busway issues

Following the presentation at this week’s BUG meeting from Jurgen Pasieczny (Manager Eastern and Northern Busways, Queensland Transport) about Busway planning and development, a number of issues regarding busway impacts upon and interaction with cycling and cyclists and how consultation with the cyclists might occur were raised. CBD BUG will be writing to Jurgen, seeking discussions about a number of these matters. If you have issues or views you believe need to be raised on these topics, please let us know.

Our next scheduled meeting is on Wednesday 21 June. An agenda, and minutes of this week’s meeting, will be circulated before then.


Paul Murdoch

Minutes, or rather notes from the talk by the Busways Rep will follow soon. No, really.

Once again, thanks for being here

from the CBD BUG Blog team

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