March 15 2006 Minutes

These are the minutes for the regular CBD BUG Meeting held on Wednesday 15 Mar 2006 from 1pm to 2pm at the BCC Library Theatrette.

The Facilitator and Timekeeper was Paul Murdoch. The Note Taker was Sebastian Tauchmann.

Sebastian Tauchmann; Bruce MacGregor; Liam McCarthy; Peter Berkeley; Cameron Hall; Leslie Martin; Eric Dousi; Sharryn McConkey; Diane Sheen; Paul French; Peter Whittle; Stephanie Edwards; Lindsay Fawdry; Kate Yeomans; John Nightingale; Mark Stanley; Greg Waite; Paul Murdoch.


Agenda item 1: Apologies
Presenter: Paul Murdoch


Apologies were received from: Elizabeth Catchpole; Ilan Ivory; Aaron Wray; Robyn Davies; Damian O’Sullivan; Katherine Braddock-Hatfield; Claire Heath; Helen Abrahams; Justin Fenton; Nigel Cox; Emma Scragg; Paul Kanowski; Steve Finnimore; Michael Langdon; David Ingram; Annie Cowling; John Hack.
Thanks for letting us know.

Agenda item 2: Announcements/Correspondence
Presenter: Various


Cycling Rates – Long-term bike-room use study (Peter Whittle)
Peter is currently conducting a usage study on the DPI&F bike room. He aims to collect a good data set for this room and would like to extrapolate the findings to the rest of the CBD. He’s still looking to recruit other bike rooms, and he’s found that there is more interest in helping out once he published the first usage graph.

Both the State Government and BCC have bike use percentage targets and these usage stats can help with lobbying efforts. There is lots of variation on a daily, weekly and seasonal scale, and these variations and overall trends just can’t be captured by biannual bike counts. So far, Peter’s found that people tend to ride less when it’s hot, cold, wet or Friday. After he collect more data, he plans to compare it to meteorological data, and perhaps with fuel prices and pay dates.

If you want to help collect data for your bike room, please contact Peter ( More data makes for a better picture of bike use trends. However, Peter recommended involvement only if it’s easy to collect good data (i.e. you’re not going out of your way to track the comings and goings and can do these counts Monday to Friday (inclusive).)

Qld Transport – Cromwell House (200 Mary Street) Bike Cage Opening (John Nightingale & Sebastian Tauchmann)
The opening was quite a jolly affair, and the QT Integrated Transport crowd seemed to be very happy with getting this facility up and running. It’s a good example of a bike cage being retro-fitted into car parking spaces. Four showers were still in the process of being installed on opening day, but are coming along.

BQ AGM – March 23rd (Paul Murdoch)
The BQ AGM will be held in the BCC Library Theatrette starting at 6pm with guest speaker Councillor Graham Quirk. He encouraged attendance, to maximise BQ membership involvement and impress Councillor Quirk with the health and size of the cycling movement. There will be miscellaneous reports and the election of the BQ executive. Paul has proxy forms available,and encouraged BQ members unable to attend to provide a proxy to an attending member. He also strongly encouraged any CBD BUG member who is not currently a BQ member to join, and advised he had BQ membership application forms

Qld Health Workshop – April 4th (Damian O’Sullivan via Paul Murdoch)
There will be an interactive Satellite TV broadcast featuring Rod Tolley on ‘Active Transport for Population Health’, available from several Brisbane sites, between 9.30 and 10.30 am on Tuesday April 4.. This is part of a full-day Queensland Health Seminar on the same topic, which CBD BUG members are welcome to attend. A leaflet on both the broadcast and seminar was distributed to the meeting. Contact Damian (damian_o’ or 3234 1312) for more details on the events or to register.

CBD Bike Centre Update (John Hack)
John sent his apologies, but hoped to be able to provide an update regarding the CBD bike centre for the next meeting.

Queensland Transport ‘Smart Travel Choices’ Green Paper submissions (Paul Murdoch)
Paul reported that he had received advice that submissions from young people (defined as people under 25, but age ID not required to be sighted) in regard to the Qld Gov’t Travel Smart Green Paper would be accepted up until March 31st. Please contribute if you can.

Correspondence List (Paul Murdoch)
A correspondence sheet, listing all incoming and outgoing correspondence, was circulated [the blue sheet] (see attachment 1). If you would like a copy of any item, contact Paul ( .

Additional email messages discussed included:

* How to make a right-hand turn from Adelaide St into Edward St without trauma, since there is a “No Right Turn” sign. There are a couple of answers: Get off and become a pedestrian, then cross with the pedestrian light, or perform a “hook turn” or “non-centre turn” (keep left on Adelaide, cross Edward to the left-most lane of Edward st, wait for the light to turn and continue along Edward). Agrred we should investigate a “Bicycles Excepted” sign request for the “No Right Turn” sign at intersection – Paul to add to list of items in outstanding letter to BCC ATU.

* @#$%* Broken @#$%* Glass!! It’s best to give the BCC Call Centre a ring, that usually gets some good results – 3403 8888 – also any item of concern: blockages, vegetation requiring pruning, poor signage or conditions etc etc etc.

* PA Hospital is reportedly planning to put in new bike parking (along with 900 car spaces !!), but that hasn’t been confirmed yet. Don’t know if it will be public of staff-only or both.

* “Death by iPod” article alleges that listening to an iPod caused a cyclist to be run over by a truck in London. Some argued that an anti-iPod/walkman campaign within cycling circles should be undertaken (its bad enough the peds wearing them, but we cyclists should know better). Others argued that we shouldn’t give anybody (eg Courier-Mail, Terry Sweetman, Mike O’Connor) ammunition to attack cyclists yet again. No decision reached – but make sure you ride safely and legally.

* Closure of the SE Bike Path due to Energex cabelling work – raised by several members. Energex closed the path for bike week, with little to no notice (or poorly positioned signs), even before any work had started the path was required to be closed (Energex is working to lay cables from Charlotte St along the river and over to Wellington and Vulture St.) Despite BCC ATU involvement, problems reported included:

  • length of period of disruption;
  • signs that were installed couldn’t be seen or read on the south side of the river;
  • Northside traffic control didn’t know where the detour was, and were directing people via the Margaret St ramp (which isn’t as much fun as you’d think). Energex really needs to consider bikes better than they have here: better signs, better co-ordination of traffic control people, and better liaison with the cycling community.

The path is expected to reopen the week starting March 27th. Please call the Energex Call Centre (1300 762 213) to register any problems with their work, signs, path closures, etc. Main Roads manage the SE Bike Path and need to be clued in here, and make sure that the path is restored to be at least as good as it was.
Letter of complaint to be sent to Energex and Main Roads re closure and lessons for future.

* Reports have been received that complaints to BCC call centre and ATU have led to Story Bridge footpath closure signs being upgraded. They’re still rudimentary, but they’re better than nothing.

Further discussion on the distributed correspondence list:

  • Bike Tours in Asia marketing material – Paul has more detail if interested.
  • Response for terms of reference for the Eastern Busway received – speaker on busway planning in general would be good.
  • Deputy Mayor David Hinchliffe has responded to our email regarding the need for changes in the City Plan, and broadly supports our recommendations for change.

Action items – Person responsible – Deadline

  • If you’re interested in collecting bike-room data, contact Peter Whittle. You. Ongoing.
  • Let Paul know if you know of any CBD facilities that can be accessed by “others” (e.g. non-employees) – there’s quite a number of people looking for such things. You. Ongoing.
  • Report glass, blockages and other problems to BCC call centre. You. Asap (don’t put it off).
  • Add issue of right-hand turns at Adelaide/Edward Streets to BCC letter. Paul Murdoch. Asap.
  • Report from the BQ AGM Paul Murdoch 19 April (next BUG meeting)
  • Get representative from the Qld Transport Busways as guest speaker. Paul Murdoch. Asap.

Agenda item: Minutes of pervious meeting & matters arising
Presenter: Various


BCC Active Transport Unit Bike Week Surveys (Stephanie Edwards)
13 bike way locations have been targeted for surveying, some of which will continue post-bike week. ATU is hoping for around 2000 responses. Thanks to everyone who volunteered to help out, since they couldn’t have processed this many surveys without them. A report is being compiled and will hopefully be made available to the CBD BUG.

Qld Police/BCC Anti-bike-theft Initiative (Mark Stanley)
The engraving days at the Ride-to-Work day and the Great Brisbane Bike Ride went ahead, and had around 120 bikes engraved. You can go to your local police station and get your bike engraved – it will be your initials, date of birth and QLD (for Queensland). Once you register that code (via a form) your bike should be able to be returned to you if stolen and subsequently recovered.

CBD BUG Website (Sebastian Tauchmann)
Until Michael Strasser, Malcolm Brown and Justin Fenton can organise/decide on a proper website and hosting arrangement, Sebastian has put together a temporary site at It’s not particularly flash, but has links to some reference material, and it’s a place to keep static material (since updating’s a bit of a pain).

Action items – Person responsible – Deadline

  • Provide copy of BCC ATU cyclist survey report. Stephanie Edwards. When available.
  • Updating the website. Sebastian Tauchmann. Ongoing.
  • Engrave bicycle. You. Asap.

Agenda item: BUG Bike Buddy Scheme

Presenter: Paul Murdoch


This scheme has virtually started (initial buddy arrangement deferred owing to the experienced cyclist having an accident putting him off-bike for a while), and we have had some trial runs/enquiries. Explanatory material and guidelines have been drafted; volunteer co-ordinators identified; and the scheme can now be publicised to friends, work colleagues and any other potential commuter cyclists looking for assistance and/or advice. Requests to be emailed to

We expect to be able to match most requests for buddies, as we even have 8 or 9 people on the Northside (and absolutely heaps on the south, east and west sides.

Action items – Person responsible – Deadline

  • Publicise bike buddy scheme to potential riders. You. Ongoing.
  • Consider volunteering to act as a buddy (if not already listed). You. Asap.

Agenda item: Other Items
Presenter: Various


Commuter Challenge (Greg Waite)
Greg located an article from Auckland, NZ on a bike vs car vs train vs bus commuter race event (see attachment 2). A similar event used to be held as part of Ride to Work Day, but that’s disappeared (no-one was really sure why). Greg might take the idea to BQ – it could possibly be organised in conjunction with CBD BUG as part of bike week?. The more cynical members thought that a victory for the bicycle (which is the most likely outcome) would be used as an argument for more car space on the roads… *tsk*.

Northern Busway (Eric Dousa)
Eric raised the issue of disruption associated with construction of the Norther Busway, at Earle St (Breakfast Creek) the bike path will no longer be there, so an alternative path/route for cyclists will need to be included in the planing. It was suggested that this construction activity might be the North-South Bypass Tunnel, rather than the busway. General confusion reigned. In the general discussion following, it was suggested that if members were prepared to volunteer to act as cycling representatives, the CBD BUG could then seek to be represented on the various consultative bodies and committees established as part of the planning and construction phases of the myriad of infrastructure projects currently on the go, given our size, representativeness and importance.

Bicentennial Bikeway (Peter Whittle)
Peter asked when that accursed detour will finally be removed? Is there a reason for the long delay that is available as public knowledge and are there any lessons that BCC has taken away from this sdore point?
Apparently the work is scheduled to be completed in April, 2006. (No, really.)

Action items – Person responsible – Deadline

  • Raise the proposal of a commuting challenge event with BQ. Greg Waite. Next bike week.
  • Consider volunteering to represent CBD BUG on consultative bodies established by BCC and/or State Government for infrastructure works – email Paul Murdoch if interested. You. Asap.

Agenda item: Next Meeting
Presenter: Paul Murdoch
Next meeting to be held on the 19th of April, BCC Library Theatrette, from 1pm to 2pm.

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